Collection: Custom Listing

Upload your own designs to print!

  • All the same TOS apply to this as fabric listings.
  • Each design upload needs its own listing. One image per listing.
  • File name must be named as such CustomerName-ImageName-Scale - For example: “BeverlyAdams-PrettyPonies-8x8
  • Scale must be in inches, if you are not happy with the scaling you choose, I am not responsible. If you need help with scaling please message me before placing your order.
  • All sales are final. I am not responsible for any issues with your file or design. Please check the repeat before sending to me and ensure it is seamless.
  • As the buyer, you assume all responsibility for copyright and that you have purchased the rights to any art you are printing. This includes permission/small business licensing and small art and design shops rules for printing with me.
  • As the seller, I agree not to print your art or sell it outside of you and your purchase. Art is deleted by my supplier upon finishing printing and we do not have issues with my art being resold and contracts are signed to protect it. I have used the same printer for over 8yrs. However, in the case of some sort of breach within the company, as a buyer you agree to not hold me liable. Under no circumstances will my suppliers information be supplied for direct contact. 
  • *Pre-Order* Your Own Designs

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  • *Pre-Order* Your Own Designs - HARDWARE -

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  • VINYL *Pre-Order* Your Own Design

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