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*Pre-Order* Experiment Cards (STACKED)

*Pre-Order* Experiment Cards (STACKED)

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QTY of 1 = 1 yard PRE-ORDERS CAN TAKE 10-16 weeks to ship out. RETAIL CAN TAKE 14-16 BUSINESS days to ship out. For retail sometimes fabric might not be continuous. Could be 1,2,3,4, etc yard cuts. No refunds will be given until after those time frames for the length of time for delivery. It is your responsibility to check the wall and doc in the files section with updates in the Facebook group to see statuses of orders. Individual messages/emails and the like posted on the wall will not be answered continuously and you will only be referred to check yourself. To stay up to date on the status of your order please join the group for daily updates: It is recommended for best results your fabric be washed with synthrapol and color catchers. Follow washing instructions in 'terms' or in Facebook group doc under the files section or in the pinned post. Washing instructions will also be enclosed in your package on the back of the business card. Buyer negligence to not follow these instructions is not the seller's responsibility. Fabric will be printed on 58" wide fabric, but please be aware imperfections are common along the sides of the selvage when doing small/custom orders and cutting off of selvage - this can result in a final width of 54-58" useable fabric. Minor flaws such as a 1/2 inch - 2 inch difference or close to it in alignment during printing can also occur due to the nature of printing on stretch fabric, which can appear as a slight 'curve' to the printing of images on the fabric. Do not order if this will bother you. Things such as a slight heathering/grainy look can occur on lighter colors (gray, light blue, etc). Once again, do not order if this will bother you. It is also possible to have a few tiny white specks here and there where lint comes off the fabric that had the ink on it. Minor flaws like this will not be discounted or refunded. PLEASE NOTE: Different fabric types will vary in color slightly due to being printed on different fabrics. Do not expect your minky to perfectly match your cotton lycra, etc. Shades can vary in bulk with colors by 10% from what you see on the digital image/strike off. Discounts will only be given if it is greater than 10%. If it comes with a drastically different color, all members will be notified before it is shipped to them. If there are any flaws that are not considered minor, they will be disclosed before shipping to you. Please note I send any disclosures by email OR by a post on the Facebook group wall. If you do not reply within 72hrs your fabric will be shipped and I will not refund it once it is shipped, you will have to sell it in a destash or b/s/t. There is no gaurantee - and most likely different batches of fabric will match previous runs of the same print. Colors vary from batch to batch. Please also be aware when ordering no orders will be refunded or discounted if you have a single flaw on it that is smaller than/can be covered by a quarter per yard, this includes any type of flaw (including even a very small hole). If you cannot work around your flaw - do please pm me and I am more than happy to work something out with you. By ordering from this you acknowledge you have agreed to the rules in the FB group KNITorious Fabrics and still agree to them. These rules are also in the TOS you agree to upon checkout. All packages include $100 in insurance (unless international, which includes $200) through USPS.There is shipping insurance that can be purchased along with your order on this site which will cover it through USPS. If you did not ask for your total cost of your package to be insured then I will insure the rest through a 3rd party. By purchasing through KNITorious you agree the seller is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen packages. If any of these occur it is the buyer's responsibility to follow the proper steps through USPS to file a claim. Anything over $100/$200 will also require a secondary insurance claim with a second party if USPS insurance was not paid for. PHOTO OF COMPLETED CLOTHING ITEMS FOR EXAMPLE ONLY

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